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If youíre like most people, youíve been lead to believe that while slot machines are fun, when it comes to winning money, they are purely random "sucker bets".

And thatís exactly what the casinos want you to think.

That way, when the slots take all your money (as they ALWAYS eventually do if you rely on luck), you wonít get angry.

Instead, youíll simply chalk it up to "bad luck", and youíll keep coming back (and "donating" to the casino) hoping your luck gets better.

But after analyzing literally thousands of slot machines from around the world, Iíve discovered what the casinos hope and pray you NEVER figure out:

Progressive slot machines are programmed to Ďsing like a canaryí before they pay out huge jackpots ... and if you know the Ďsongí YOU CAN BECOME RICH!

You see, slot machines are NOT random at all. Thatís a complete myth.

They are MACHINES that cannot do ANYTHING randomly. Someone has to tell them exactly when to be stingy, when to release a payout, and most importantly, HOW TO ACT before doing so.

I wonít bore you with all the technical details. Just know that because virtually all progressive slots are linked by a special program known in the business as "share-play", they not only pay out the biggest jackpots ... theyíre 10 times easier and faster to beat than anything in a casino!

My 8-year study proves that nearly 96.4% of the time, all progressive slots are programmed to show specific, subtle, but unmistakable signs just BEFORE they pay out the TOP multi-thousand-dollar jackpots.

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